Agena Marin invites you to Biograd Boat Show from 20.10.-.23.10.2016.

Agena Marin d.o.o.

Agena Marin will proudly display 55 PAX and 12 PAX semiSUBMARINE models!

Would you like to amaze your guests with a scuba diving and snorkeling experience without getting wet? To offer an adventurous boat tour with submarine features, immersed 1,5 meters underwater?

Our innovative designs are made for one reason. To make money, period!

More then 8 years of prototype development, 6 years of production and 35 + profitable locations in Croatia, Montenegro and Maldives... A semi-submersible vessel is suitable for every age group and can offer additional panoramic view of the coast line from its deck seats. The semiSUBMARINE underwater cabin is of course air-conditioned. The superior quality of solid FRP contruction is evident. Furthermore unique hull and engineering offer maximum stability with industry-leading fuel efficiency.

Our mission is 'We do not sell boats, we sell proven business solution!' That means that besides just selling the ‘bare product’, we offer our customers full support. Result of it is a story of 55 PAX which was ordered by our 3 time repeated client from island of Krk/Croatia.

Special offer during biograd Boat show - Business Value package free of charge!

See you soon in Biograd, Croatia!

55 PAX and  12 PAX semiSUBMARINES
55 PAX and 12 PAX semiSUBMARINES

Two sisters entering the harbour


55 PAX underwater cabin

12 PAX cabin

12 PAX underwater LED lights

12 PAX semiSUBMARINE Maldives

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