New PAYperUSE and PLAN DOTMobile Watercraft Tracking

Carlo Bertozzi
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Perfect for on demand, seasonal or continuative use.

We, at Dotando Inc, we are excited to release the new PAYperUSE Start&Stop for on demand use or seasonal business, the last addition to DOTMobile Watercraft Tracking and its widely used cost-effective yearly PLAN for continuative use, together with a special October offer.

Owners and Charter, Rental, Dealer, Marine business can finally choose the option that best fits with their time-related needs to secure and control single or unlimited fleet of any vehicle, jetski, rib, tender, boat and yacht by remote.

DOTMobile Watercraft Tracking, the unique, top performance GPS global Tracking with:

both WebPortal and WebApp

Water resistant, plug&play BlackBox with built-in antennasBoth WebPortal and WebApp

Global SIM coverage, no matter where assets land, park or dock

Towing, Max Speed, Panic, SOS, geofencing push text message and e-mail Alerts to unlimited accounts

Immobilizer, to inhibit the asset by remote in case of theft, abandonment, default borrowers or delayed loan payments

New PAYperUSE and PLAN DOTMobile Watercraft Tracking

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