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Exit Carbon Unveils Affordable AMBRA Gangway at METSTRADE

Italian design firm, Exit Carbon, is excited to present AMBRA in Amsterdam at METSTRADE November 15-17, 2016. Yachters familiar with Exit Carbon’s reputation for award-winning design, technology, reliability, and value will appreciate the company’s newest folding gangway.

More than a decade in development, this elegant molded gangway features completely integrated parts: wheels, fitting pivots, even stanchions are seamlessly integrated.

The AMBRA gangway was created after consulting with satisfied clients.“They know our AURORA gangway, and wanted the same quality and elegant design, but at a price point that makes sense to smaller yachters.” said CEO Giuseppe Bottacin.

At 215 x 33 cm, the AMBRA is identical to the AURORA in length, but with a white finishing that complements any boat. “There’s no reason to sacrifice quality,” Bottacin said. Lightweight at less than 8 kg, AMBRA’s narrower look provides a sleek transition from ship to shore.

All Exit Carbon gangways can be customized: gangway color, non-slip tread color, teak surface, and yacht name are all options.

AMBRA folding gangway
AMBRA folding gangway

AMBRA white gangway with double fitting pivot

Double fitting pivot for gangways

Ambra fitted with double pivot on yacht side

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