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Customized Production of Inflatable Buoyancy Tubes and Air Cushions, in a variety of Shapes and Sizes

Grabner GmbH

Custom-made inflatable buoyancy tubes

We produce your special products! If you need special inflatable, high-quality air cushions for a project, we are exactly the right contact for you. Bodies in all possible shapes for various application purposes are possible:

Tubes for platforms as buoyancy cushions, round tyres for flumes / motor boat / white water, floatation panels for floating power generation plants, lifting bags, sealing bags for the fire service or waste water sewers, volume compensating bags in mechanical engineering. sealing tubes in tunnel construction, inflatable rescue stretchers. Up to 90 cm tube diameter and up to 650cm length available in red or black.

The material is high-quality EPDM rubber. This means high solar UV radiation resistance, top abrasion resistance, exceptionally long-lasting, saltwater resistant and higher inflation pressure thanks to the strong seams.

Custom-made inflatable buoyancy tubes
Custom-made inflatable buoyancy tubes

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