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BOW FENDER – Fender for bow


Keep on navigating at swollen sail, then berth safely in every harbor.

Bow Fender is INMARE solution to protect effectively the bow of your boat from impacts against floating docks and piers during mooring. Light and resistant, its hydrodynamic profile makes it specific for racing and small boats. Composed of a special compound of E.V.A. Bow Fender is stain proof and does not scratch the hull. It is resistant to UV radiations and it is not subject to marine environment deterioration. Accessorized with appropriate eye-bolts for fastening.

Standard colors: blue/ white

CODE 280 ; BOAT up to 52,5 ft; MOORING ROPES Ø 0.30 in.

* Tolerance limits: ± 5%

BOW FENDER – Fender for bow
Bow fender

Fender for bow

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