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POSEIDONE 2.0 – Side fender

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Keep on navigating at swollen sail, then berth safely in every harbor.

Fender for boats developed using the most advanced technology of materials. Made from a single shot plastic injection mold, it does not have less resistant areas and it sticks to the hull assuring a gradual (and progressive) absorption of impacts. Its peculiar shape permits an easy storage in a small amount of space. Its floating, solid and flat profile can be installed both in horizontal and vertical position. It does not roll, it maintains its stability in the point of contact between the boat and the pier. Poseidone 2.0 is not subject to deterioration, it is resistant to UV radiations, does not scratch the hull and does not stain. It does not need covers.

Standard colors: blue/ white

CODE 257N ; BOAT up to 65,6 ft; MOORING ROPES Ø 0.47 – 0.55 in.

* Tolerance limits: ± 5%

Poseidone 2.0
Poseidone 2.0

E.V.A. Side fender

INMARE/ Poseidone 2.0 - The "halfway" fender

The fact that this fender seems half-done is its greatest quality. Made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (E.V.A., a special thermoplastic compound light, soft and with a remarkable mechanical resistance), the Poseidone 2.0 is efficient and resistant like a normal fender but weighs and fills the half.

POSEIDONE 2.0 – Side fender

POSEIDONE 2.0 – Side fender

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