Marina in 2017 - Total control at your fingertips

IRM, Marina Master

2017 is new oportunity to make even more out of your marina.

Marina Master advanced CRM improves marina management:

- BENEFITS FOR MARINA MANAGEMENT: complete control of marina operations and real time business overview of critical data: auditing trail, cash flow, statistics, history & future reservations, internal notes, alarms and more anytime anywhere.

- BENEFITS FOR MARINA STAFF: automated processes (data entries, contract extensions, boat movements control and other time consuming tasks), complete overview of customer data & reservations, ability to easily organize marketing activities and communicate with customers anytime anywhere.

- BENEFITS FOR MARINA CUSTOMERS: flexibility in communicating with marina and ability to order basic services (check in/out, reservations, payment per consumption, boat lifting and more) or extended services according to individual needs & expectations (bottle of champagne on arrival and more).

Marina Master can be used from personalized interface anytime anywhere from any mobile device, optionally as Cloud Based Solution.

Marina in 2017 - Total control at your fingertips

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