IRM, Marina Master

Maintain full control through mobile device anytime, improve marina management and reduce cost.

One of Marina Master users says: "The software not only improves the day to day operations but is saving me $1,000’s of dollars a year in operational costs". Read more on

Everyone – from customers and marina staff to marina managers – enjoys its simplicity and user-friendliness:

- PLEASURE TO CUSTOMERS - Improve the boaters’ experience through easy and flexible communications with the marina, which enables them to order basic services (check in/out, payment, boat lifting, assistance on arrival etc.) or make custom requests, such as ordering a bottle of champagne on arrival.

- PRODUCTIVITY TO STAFF - Empower your staff and give them more time to conduct productive activities by automating manual, time-consuming tasks, such as the checking of boat movements, entering new data into the system and extending contracts. Your staff will also obtain a complete overview of customer data on their mobile devices.

- POWER TO MANAGEMENT - Enable Marina Management to keep their promises with a powerful tool for planning and service organization. The Marina Master personalized app gives them complete control of marina operations and a real-time business overview of critical data (audit trail, cash flow, statistics) anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

Marina Master is available also as a cloud-based solution. Remain flexible and reduce your infrastructure costs by using the Marina Master as a Cloud-Based Solution.


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