CRM - the heart of marina management software solution

IRM, Marina Master

“Visiting a marina shouldn’t be just an urgent duty as finding a berth or fuel pump, but unforgettable holiday experience”, said Tone Britovšek M.Sc, Marina Master founder.

CRM - Customer Realationship Management is becoming an increasingly important part of the marine industry. Software’s capability to deliver customer experience is requested by 94% of marina managers within our Marina Master customers database worldwide.

Customers need more personalized treatment and are becoming more demanding in digital services. Nowadays customers decide more easily to change their primary marina as they did in the past. Marina must offer customers services above and beyond their expectations. Innovative marina managers consider every experience & moment of truth with their customer as goldmine for their strategy.

If marina wants to proliferate in a rapidly changing environment it needs to focus on customer, systematically follow and understand them to achieve long-term relationship.

Therefore the solution should be designed to improve marina management not only for managers and marina’s staff but also to improve customer experience with innovative modules, customized solution, optionally as Cloud Based.

CRM - the heart of marina management software solution

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