New certificate for the MTM900 and MTM901 series


Mechanical seals for propeller shaft MTM series

We are pleased to announce the issue of the Bureau Veritas certificate for our MTM900, MTM901, MTM902 and MTM908 mechanical seals for propeller shaft.

The certificate issued by the Body concerns the Classification of Steel Ships, Naval Ships and Yachts.

Our MTM900 was designed to enter the market segment of mechanical seals for small boats. It is an alternative to the classic rubber bellows seals and it has been developed following the philosophy behind our company, that of developing high performance technology products. Today this set of seals is chosen by all the world's most known shipyards as a standard product on all new projects, including military ones.

The latest new Microtem product, the MTM908 series, has added an integrated pneumatic barrier to the MTM900 technology to increase the safety onboard and allow maintenance directly with the boat in water.

The other series of mechanical seals for propeller shaft, MT901, has been designed for all installations requiring a connection to a flange case. This seal, which has been on the market for years, is the product chosen as standard on 90% of new mega yachts produced in Italy.

The MTM902 introduces an integrated pneumatic barrier that makes the MTM901 series the product with the lowest axial dimensions available on the market today.

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The widest range of propeller shaft mechanical seals
The widest range of propeller shaft mechanical seals

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