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Hydrofoils: Racing Through Time

Erin Tallman
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As one of Italy’s professional hydrofoil collectors, lac de Garde once again found its waters breezed over by international competitors during the Foiling Week (TFW) in July 2016. A full week dedicated to the latest technologies, the event brought to

“Thanks to wing-like foils mounted under the hull, these boats do literally fly on the water and can achieve unbelievable speeds exceeding three times the wind speed,” stated the press release for the Foiling Week.

Hydrofoils have become the fastest means of traveling across water. Here we take you through time to discover the main highlights that bring us up-to-date on some of the innovations flying across the Italian lake and beyond.

Courtesy of The Foiling Week
Courtesy of The Foiling Week

The Voilavion has 4 T foils for more stability and control over the boat, and a mast that tilts 35° for a lifting effect.

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