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Fast and Foiling: Emirates Team New Zealand Chases the America’s Cup

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It’s still a competition between sailing yachts, but the America’s Cup may soon belong to the flying contest category.

In 2017, in Bermuda, it is expected that the participating yachts in the next edition of the America’s Cup will be able to race 100% foilborne.

“It’s a new world,” explained Ken Read to the America’s Cup official website. “Flying catamarans, foilings tacks, a revolution in the America’s Cup.” Foils have indeed turned into one of the key differentiators between the teams. In such a competitive world, it seems every team is trying to put the pressure on their counterparts by communicating about their foiling firsts.

Team Japan may have reached the biggest milestone, achieving a foiling tack. Reaching this holy grail of combined sailing and flying means that yachts can now foil during an entire racecourse.

Other teams have been in pursuit of this milestone, including Emirates Team New Zealand.

Courtesy of Team New Zealand
Courtesy of Team New Zealand

ETNZ: Gaining speed on the water

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