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One Boat, Many Options: The New Motorized Sailboat Nuva MS6

Kristina Müller

Nuva Yachts presents a small motorized sailing boat, the Nuva MS6, that addresses beginners as well as seekers of leisure and pleasure at sea.

The 6-meter-long sailing yacht, designed by Barcelona Yacht Design (BYD), features a fully retractable keel, which creates a variable draft between 0.45 and 1.25 meters. This allows anchoring in shallow waters and makes the Nuva MS6 transportable.

The cabin offers room for two people to sleep—but the actual highlight is the extendable cockpit benches. When unfolded, the cockpit with a usual width of 2.47 meters turns into a spacious sunbathing area with a beam of 3.35 meters.

The boat is equipped with a carbon mast including a spreader that allows rigging a gennaker or sailing only under main sail. The engine selected for the MS6 prototype is the new 16-valve Yamaha F70.

Courtesy of Nuva Yachts
Courtesy of Nuva Yachts

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