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3D Printing Model Yachts

Maria Roberta Morso
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Among its many applications, 3D printing has been used recently to create accurate scale models of boats and yachts.

CRP Technology, an Italian 3D printing company, masters this new technology using the selective laser sintering technique with Windform composite materials. NauticExpo e-mag talked to Franco Cevolini, Technical Director of CRP Technology.

NauticExpo e-magazine: How did you come to 3D print a model of a small boat ?

Franco Cevolini: The Livrea 26 was designed by Daniele Cevola and Francesco Belvisi in collaboration with Yam Marine Technology. They wanted an accurate model of the sailboat combining classic features with high-performance materials. Our team was fascinated with the idea of creating a scale model that would showcase their approach. Three-dimensional printing was THE process of choice. The result was a 1:14 scale model of the Livrea 26. The designers’ aim was to bring about a radical change in the way they design and build watercraft. We might consider this new philosophy as Boat Building 2.0, since 3D printing and the latest generation materials offer yacht designers the potential to unleash their imaginations.

NE e-mag: What material did you use to print this model?

Franco Cevolini: For 3D printing the Livrea 26 model, we decided to use Windform XT 2.0, a carbon-filled polyamide material which ensures maximum mechanical performance. Windform XT 2.0 is a high-quality laser sintering material. It is characterized by great stiffness, excellent strength and reduced weight.

Windform 3D-printed custom face masks (Courtesy of CRP Technology)
Windform 3D-printed custom face masks (Courtesy of CRP Technology)

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