NEW: dry storage rack by NAVALTECNOSUD s.r.l.c.r.


Innovative Rack for Boat Dry Storage.

The innovative characteristic is given by the support of the boats, which unlike those currently on the market that provide for the support on two wooden bars horizontal, and therefore do not follow the shape of the hull, our structure includes two steel bars, and then durable, and the support of the boat takes on fenders that “embrace” the hull and are highly resistant. All of our facilities are certified CE and the standards required is 3 tons per shelf, then two boats up to 1.5 tons. each for a total on three floors of the entire module, 9 tons.

The main features are customizable, the standards provide a light for shelf mt. 6 where they can be housed two boats of mt. 2.90 on average from three meters. 2.

NEW: dry storage rack by NAVALTECNOSUD s.r.l.c.r.

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