Solutions for Mega Sailing Yacht

Barbara Spadavecchia

Stands and Cradles for Mega Sailing Yacht

Solutions for mega sailing yacht:

Stands and Cradles Ton.50 Ton.75 and Ton.100

Ideal for mega sailing yachts connected to the turnbuckles' bars and chains, for an extremely safe keel-block.

The cradles have a capacity certified up to 100 tons and over on request.

Modular trellis in height predisposed for the application of personal cradle for mega yachts.

Each trellis is completely removable to facilitate transportation in containers around the world and each is CE certified 60 tons, are jobs that we perform to measure, it allows you to manage all the heights of the bulbs, which are low or that are very high.

Solutions for Mega Sailing Yacht

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