HarbourPilot aids the safe arrival of the Royal Navy’s new flagship,

Navicom Dynamics Ltd.

The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elisabeth brought to her new home in Portsmouth

In yet another proud moment, we provided the Royal Navy’s HMNB Portsmouth and HMNB Devon with high-end Navicom HarbourPilot RTK portable piloting systems. These provide independent centimetre-accurate positioning, heading and yaw rate data, all of which are essential when moving fleet vessels, from submarines to aircraft carriers, through difficult waters and narrow locks.

HarbourPilot recently aided the safe arrival of the Royal Navy’s new flagship, the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elisabeth, at her new home in Portsmouth. The base’s waterfront berths had to be redeveloped to accommodate the massive vessel. Swinging such a huge ship within the limited available space was made easier by clear, accurate information from HarbourPilot.

HabourPilot on HMS Queen Elisabeth