The next generation is here! - Introducing the GyroPilot v3

Navicom Dynamics Ltd.

The newly launched Portable Pilot Unit from Navicom

Continual innovation to improve product performance is a key focus area at Navicom. Which is why we're always adding new tweaks and features to our products. With the new GyroPilot v3, we now present to you - the next generation GyroPilot.

This compact Portable Pilot Unit supports some professional piloting and navigation operations like coastal pilotage and basic manoeuvres. It is best suited for pilots wanting to use the ships pilot plug but wanting independent rate of turn or better heading information while being wirelessly connected to the charting software on their display unit, giving them the additional advantage to move around the bridge freely.

GyroPilot v3 transmits the ship's AIS position while adding independent and accurate ROT from its own gyro and smoothed Heading data. This data is fed to the software to create a real-time image of the vessel on the pilots laptop/tablet. This provides increased situational awareness to the pilot hence helping to improve operational efficiency and safety.

GyroPilot v3 also comes with a host of new features like the ability to link (via Bluetooth), additional devices like independent position & heading sensors to boost performance and as an upgrade path to a more robust system with higher accuracy and increased independence. With a run time greater than 30 hours on a single charge and a tougher casing, this next gen Portable Pilot Unit is reliable and tough too!

The GyroPilot v3 is now officially available. Make this palm sized powerhouse yours by writing to us . We also have exciting offers for current owners of the GyroPilot v2.

The next generation is here! - Introducing the GyroPilot v3

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