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NORIS launches the new cost-effective alarm, monitoring and control system of the well-known NORIMOS family.

The N3500 is our latest generation of alarm and monitoring and control systems (AMCS) of our well-known NORIMOS family. It is used to monitor and control ship technology, such as engines, generators, pumps, valves, ventilators or other auxiliary systems.

The N3500 is based on two central PC master stations that are acquire and monitoring the measurement data from the connected I/O modules. The redundant communication via CANbus and Ethernet ensures maximum system availability. With features like trend tables, automatic storage of the alarm history, management of user privileges, as well as customisable mimics, the system can be adapted to any application. Thus, it is ideally suitable for both small data acquisition systems and complex alarm, monitoring and control systems. The optional alarm extension indicates alarms, measurement data and the system status at any place on board the ship. Therefore, different display versions for accommodation and bridge are available.

NORIMOS 3500 System Components
NORIMOS 3500 System Components

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