Voilavion, an 18-foot foiling beach catamaran, accessible to everyone



The NauticExpo team had the opportunity to meet Vincent, Gerald and Gabin from Voilavion in mid-August at the port of Marseille Corbières to discover the innovative project on which they are hard at work.

Voilavion’s unique craft is an 18-foot foiling beach catamaran, accessible to everyone.

Flying at 30 knots no longer will be limited to elite sailors, but now will be accessible to amateur dinghy sailors.

Benjamin Magnard created and financed the project. Observing the orientation of high-speed windsurfers gave him the ​​idea for Voilavion. He believed that the sail angled over the water helped the board take off by acting like an airplane wing.

The innovation on this catamaran is that its mast can tilt to 40 degrees, creating lift on the hull.

The 4 T foils are 1.70 m high and can be retracted easily to beach the catamaran. They allow the boat to pass through the waves without problem.

Sensors at the bow of each hull automatically adjust the angle between the foils and the swell to keep the catamaran in the air, without any other adjustments.

The faster the boat goes, the more important the rigging’s lift for vessel stability.

The 4 long T foils allow the catamaran to fly more than 80 cm above the water.

They provide comfortable sailing and maintain the catamaran in the air with a "maximum of 4 degrees" heel, even with a crew member on the lee side.

This catamaran has a taller mast and a bigger sail compared to others of the same size. The 11-meter mast and the 23 m² mainsail offer better stability.

Voilavion’s goal is to present a prototype series before starting the production for the market. Initially, they would like to manufacture 15 to 20 catamarans in partnership with Cirrus.

Their competitors are the Flying Phantom, Solent Whisper, Stunt S9 and Nacra 20 FCS. But Voilavion remains the only one on the market offering a tilting mast.

Voilavion will be present this year for demonstrations at Juris'Cup in Marseille from 15 to 18 September, at Voiles de Saint-Tropez from 24 September to 2 October, and at the Paris Boat Show from 3 to 11 December.

Voilavion, an 18-foot foiling beach catamaran, accessible to everyone