In the heart of London on the River Thames Poralu Marine is renovating the St Katherine Docks Marina

Poralu Marine

Poralu Marine has been awarded the control of the project for renovation of a marina in the heart of London on the River Thames, in the tourist area of St Katharine Docks near Tower Bridge.

The delivery of this prestige construction site is planned for next February. A year after the Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina site, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, this is the development of another of the most famous urban sites in the world which has been entrusted to the French SME. This operation is conducted with ICMS (Inland and Coastal Marina Systems), which will provide the logistics and the installation.

St Katharine Docks, situated in the Tower Hamlets district of London, have served London since 1828. Its three basins overlook the North bank of the Thames, to the east (downstream) of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Today they are restored as offices, housing and premises for leisure activities, whilst the basins now accommodate marinas.

The docks will be entirely renovated with equipment in natural wood, curved pontoons which follow the shape of the quay and Premium gates bearing the Poralu Marine signature. “Poralu Marine has shown its wish to work in close collaboration with us, in order to achieve the desired objectives together within the context of this renovation and to rise to meet the challenges posed by the St Katherine Docks area. We have particularly appreciated their meticulous approach to the planning of the work, the performance of detailed surveys in order to have the most accurate bases on which to work, and their ability to adapt their exclusive products to the requirements for customisation for these docks”, declared Bill Green, Technical Director of the British company, Camper & Nicholsons, responsible for the management of this very emblematic marina.

In the heart of London on the River Thames Poralu Marine is renovating the St Katherine Docks Marina