Race for Water continues its quest for self-sufficiency

Fondation Race for Water
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The catamaran, Race for Water, will be equipped with an innovative hydrogen system, which will quadruple its self-sufficiency on the next Odyssey (2017-2021), thanks to the expertise of its partner, Swiss Hydrogen. A pioneering vessel, designed specifically for scientific research, and a unique platform to raise awareness about ocean conservation, the Race for Water catamaran is also showcasing energy transition.

As an exceptional demonstrator vessel of clean-tech innovations, Race for Water will make it possible for the crew to completely free themselves of the need for fossil fuels during the new mission against the pollution of the oceans, especially that of plastic waste.

To broaden the reach of its sailing mission, the Race for Water Foundation and its partner, Swiss Hydrogen, equipp the vessel with a system for hydrogen production, storage and conversion. Thus, 25 300-bar hydrogen tanks, two 30kW fuel cells, two 5kW electrolysers will supplement the 500m² of solar panels and the four lithium ion batteries (754 kWh) on board. Altogether, the hydrogen system allows for the storage of 2,800 kWh, equal to a gain of up to 6 days of self-sufficiency, with a very advantageous mass balance: the hydrogen storage is 10 times lighter than the storage by battery.

Alexandre Closset, President of Swiss Hydrogen SA

“As a specialist in hydrogen solutions, Swiss Hydrogen is proud to put its expertise to the service of conserving the oceans. Beyond providing our technology, we are passionately committed to the cause being championed by Race for Water. This vessel is an essential component of the new odyssey and it had to complement the message being carried by the Foundation. Combatting plastic pollution with a vessel that is 100% energy self-sufficient brings the mission to life. By equipping this Odyssey, we are also showing the maritime world that a clean energy solution is possible. Hydrogen technologies are now mature, reliable and sustainable, including in the marine environment.”

An eco-responsible platform for scientific and oceanographic research

Without any negative impact on the environment, the Race for Water vessel manages to be an exceptionally welcoming platform that enables scientists to carry out their work without olfactory, visual or aural pollution. The interior layout has been improved to provide optimal working conditions.

For more information on the availability of the Race for Water vessel please contact the Foundation.

The start of this Odyssey in the service of the oceans, science and energy transition is scheduled for April 2017.

Race for Water continues its quest for self-sufficiency