Power and telemetry for RADAC Waveguide

Jake Frith

UK marine instrument supplier Planet Ocean has provided a number of self-contained power and telemetry systems to the offshore wind sector utilising the RADAC “WaveGuide” radar wave and tide sensor.

A key requirement at these very remote locations is data availability and independence of both the power supply and telemetry systems. Planet Ocean claims that the RADAC WaveGuide is a very robust package mechanically and electrically. Data are available via an integral Ethernet port. Wind turbines typically have Ethernet connectivity ashore for monitoring and control of the turbine but these are highly secure connections and adding third party equipment to them is not a simple option. Likewise, the power supply available within the turbine cabin cannot be guaranteed and so a very reliable uninterruptable, renewable supply is required in addition to a telemetry system.

Planet Ocean provided a version of its DBT-3 cell phone based telemetry system, connecting to a tower nearly 10km away along with a 225AH solar-mains power pack to provide the required 24vDC supply for several days in the event of denial of both mains and solar energy. The first system was installed in August 2016, and has provided 100% data uptime since then and during a mains power outage lasting several days.

Wave data are sent to a secure web server where they are available on any internet enabled device along with system health information. Users can set alarm thresholds to send email alerts if required. Data are stored within the DBT-3, the RADAC Server as well as the data server.

Planet Ocean provided a version of its DBT-3 cell phone based telemetry system