Stirling Concept

Stirling Design International

The French firm of naval designers and architects Stirling International Design (SDI), have released details of a 130m conceptual design for Abu Dhabi Mar.

In a market where refit and retrofit are being promoted, SDI have got their fingers firmly on the pulse. At present, the Abu Dhabi Mar shipyard is working on the SWIFT 141 project, converted from a former Dutch Fregate. There is a similar fregate hull available at the shipyard and SDI have put their 130m design proposal forward, for this second hull.

“Joel Bretecher and myself have been working on developing a style with maximum purity, with an obvious heritage from automotive design, based on Joel’s former experience at Pininfarina”, says SDI’s naval architect, Thibaut Tincelin. Naval designer, Joel Bretecher, has first hand experience in the automotive industry, taking part in the design of several Ferrari cars. The most obvious aspect of the exterior design is that the ship’s line is designed with a single dome shape from the bow to the stern. “The simplicity of the shape is nonetheless challenging to avoid any lost space due to lack of deck height, proper integration of the bridge, the exterior deck spaces, windows with single curvature etc.”, Tincelin told SYD.

Whilst wanting to keep the purity of the style as well as the economic and industrial viability, the project is built upon very simple shapes. A narrow and fuel-efficient hull accommodates a duplex owners suite at the front, large full-beam lounges and a helipad for EC130 helicopter type aft. “The second most important technological aspect, is the development in close partnership with MECMAR, of a cutting-edge underwater exhaust system, insuring the maximum space for passenger spaces amidships”, explains Tincelin. “A standard vertical exhaust system in such a narrow hull is not the best practice.” There is accommodation available for 60 guests and 56 crew-members. The superstructure will be made out of carbon fibre to keep the ship lightweight, reduce consumption, and to build the shape with perfect regularity.

At present, the plans have been finalized for the second fregate retrofit, but with a decision being made soon, she has a likely launch date of 2012/2013.

Stirling Concept