Impossible Productions Ink LLC

Exposé is a 120m concept designed by Impossible Productions Ink in collaboration with Dutch shipyard Icon Yachts. It was first presented at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show and has since been shortlisted for the International Yacht and Aviation Awards in the category of Best Yacht Concept Design over 50m. Studio directors Ink Veronika Schmid and Alistair Gill explain further.

The concept is simple: the hull and superstructure are separated by a fully glazed pool, spa and entertainment deck, creating the illusion of a floating superstructure. Continuity is achieved through crease lines that are etched on to the surfaces of the hull, superstructure and glazing. These lines tie everything together and give the vessel its overall elegance and unique styling.

The idea of working from a series of fairly simple volumes and creasing them in order to achieve the desired definition of surfaces was inspired by modern supercars. The intention was always to create a recognisable and iconic shape in profile with definition and elegance, achieved by lines travelling across the surface connecting disparate parts and providing detail as required.

This approach to mass and volume is also reflected in the interior and the potential use of space. Rather than thinking in striated and compartmentalised layers, we tried a diagonal and sectional approach. This is reflected in the incorporation of a double-height entrance lobby (akin to a grand hotel lobby), an indoor/outdoor glass-bottom pool with views into an exhibition space below, a submarine dispatched through the hull underwater and pop-up furniture on the aft main deck that also serves as a helipad. The wealth of different spaces available is achieved through multi-use areas. For example, the panoramic salon doubles up as a 3D cinema, the helipad becomes an outdoor lounge space, and a deli adjacent to the chef’s table functions as a show kitchen.

Exposé marks the evolution of our previous projects into a new line of superyachts, setting the benchmark for further developments both in terms of formal language and thinking. The vessel is fully buildable, not least thanks to our collaboration with Icon Yachts from the inception of the design.