90m atrium concept

Adriel Design

Among other unique exterior features, this new concept on the drawing table at Adriel Design for a 90m Oceanco project will contain a central staircase like none other.

Circular stairs surround an atrium that allows full visibility from the lowest deck to a sundeck conservatory. Within the large opening, a tubular glass and stainless steel elevator climbs to the sundeck. At each deck level a glass and stainless steel ‘bridge’ crosses the chasm to bring guests to the landing of each deck. This offers unique views and unparalleled visibility. Polished hollow-tech formed stainless steel treads are supported by way of a stainless sail rig that interconnects the treads, as well as connecting them to the seemingly independent elevator tube. The result would no doubt compete for the largest art installation aboard a yacht.

The final element to set off this central feature is its use of RGB LED backlighting and spots. By day, the atrium is a large column of maximised natural light that reflects and magnifies the power of the sun to every deck. By night, the central feature is a lantern of artificial light glowing from every surface, the light will enhance each form, and create an entirely new interaction.

The concept was inspired by some of the technology instigated by the Apollo 11 spacecraft, such as CNC machining, that gave rise to the short-lived Futurism movement (think of the ‘Jetsons’). Rollins experimented with a similar solution on the Northcoast Yachts 125 raised pilothouse motoryacht, but on a much smaller scale at 38m. The client wanted something spectacular for the atrium, so Adriel Design turned to Philip Stewart of Pinwheel Corp, a well-known sculpture specialising in steel and glass who has delivered stunning features aboard yachts for the past ten years. He envisioned a set of polished stainless steel platforms or treads suspended off the adjacent wall and held in tension with stainless sail rigging on the outboard edge of the treads. The final product appears as if it should not work, but the sense of security when ascending these stairs is the opposite, due in part to the fact that guests ascend the stairs surrounded by mirror-polished cables, bathed in natural light, which falls through the sleek pilothouse windows directly above.

We hope to bring you more on staircase design and the 90m concept by Adriel Design in SuperyachtDesign Q6.

90m atrium concept