Kongsberg Kognifai

Jake Frith

Marine technology company Kongsberg has launched Kognifai, an open and collaborative digital platform that focuses on optimizing data access and analysis for customers across maritime and energy industries, and also provides an integrated development and distribution platform for efficiency enhancing applications.

“With Kognifai we are launching an open ecosystem for customers, partners, and suppliers,” said Hege Skryseth, Executive Vice President, Kongsberg and President, Kongsberg Digital. “It will create value for our customers by allowing them to harness the power of their data on their own terms. This way, they will reap the benefits of the digital transformation in an easier and more efficient way, and we will collaborate with them to drive the business outcomes that they are seeking.”

Kognifai provides access to Kongsberg’s extensive portfolio of standalone solutions as well as third-party solutions and has a state-of-the-art 3D engine which is easy to use and allows for rich and advanced applications and real-time simulation tools.

Kognifai is is an all-encompassing and open digital ecosystem

Kognifai is is an all-encompassing and open digital ecosystem