Redefining the understanding of maritime shipping

Sailing Cargo
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Introducing the Ecoliner: First Sailing Cargo Vessel

Ecoliner stands for a holistic concept of sustainable and future-orientated shipping that uses existing components to build a visionary cargo vessel.

The Ecoliner was designed by the leading naval architect Dykstra, Netherlands and developed into a prototype in the research centers of Dutch universities. Motivated by the idea to build a general cargo carrier, to transport goods emission-free and in a sustainable way across the Atlantic Ocean, Dykstra started to design the Ecoliner three years ago.

Main propulsion Dyna-Rig

The Ecoliner will be equipped with the Dyna-Rig, which had been developed by Wilhelm Prölss in the 1960ies already and has been implemented on the Maltese Falcon successfully. The extraordinary efficiency of more than 5,000 square meters sail surface, high security and easy usability are characteristic for the Dyna-Rig. The sails can be controlled from the bridge without additional resources. On the Maltese Falcon it takes less than seven minutes for setting the sails (compared to seven hours on the sail training schooner Gorch Fock).

Auxiliary propulsion diesel-electric engine

The Ecoliner will be featured with a diesel-electric auxiliary engine (electric engine with four diesel generators), which will be fueled with low-sulfur diesel oil. A comparable engine has been employed successfully on the Rainbow Warrior 3, operated by Greenpeace. The diesel generators are configured to always ensure optimal operations according to the specific needs. SCR filters and catalytic devices ensure that the engine meets the nitrogen oxide limits corresponding to Tier III of MARPOL Annex IV.

Redefining the understanding of maritime shipping