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Gemini is a 60m motoryacht concept by Italian design studio Pannone Architetti. Inspired by the desire for an elegant vessel equipped with all the possible facilities one could want on a yacht of her size, principal designer Alessandro Pannone tells SuperyachtDesign more about the project.

Yacht designers possess an irrepressible need to conceptualise and build new vessels. For me, as an Italian architect, the Mediterranean Sea has always been the centre of the world and a primary source of inspiration for new solutions to enhance the navigational experience. The development of national economies, and thus the emergence of new sea routes, has failed to deflect my attention from a fundamental vision, which is centred on the concept that the Mare Nostrum will always be the epicentre of boating culture.

Gemini was born, like most of my projects, with a pencil sketch on a sheet of paper full of notes of other projects. Of course, to ‘clean’ the lines and create an identity for the concept took many months. The design is characterised by the elegance of its form and harmonic constitution of its facets. The central idea was to design a yacht with impressive yet classic lines that would stand the test of time. At the same time I also wanted to incorporate a contemporary look into the design. The near-straight bow and dark elements of the superstructure make this a very aggressive looking vessel.

I envisage a technical area at the bow followed by a Jacuzzi with a sundeck and sofa. Additional pools are located on the upper deck, aft of the cockpit, which features panoramic glass. The bow houses the first of two owner cabins offering 180-degree views, while the second is located on the lower deck.

The stern, as well as housing a tender garage, can be set up as a relaxation area. The tender can be dropped into the water transforming the tender garage into a terrace overlooking the sea. There is another tender garage located forward, and when the bow is opened it creates a ‘sequence’ of five terraces that run throughout the vessel. The first is at water level, with the four remaining terraces located on the main deck, upper deck, sundeck, and the final terrace featuring a swimming pool and helicopter.

Gemini also features two master/VIP cabins — one on the main deck and one on the upper deck with terraces that offer stunning views. Both en suite cabins are equipped with a massage room, gym and sauna. This idea was incorporated in order to enable the owner to accommodate very important people, and to make her more charter friendly.

All these design elements convey the harmony and beauty of Italian yacht design. Gemini is the realisation of my concept of navigation — a technological challenge presented by the sea with a sense of the Mediterranean seafaring tradition.


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