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HP High Pressure’s BiBi remote-control system allows users to control its watermakers from every internet connected device.

The system also allows technicians in the factory to check the status of the watermaker, reset alarms and check diagnostic parameters problems prior to stepping on board.

“It’s compatible with android or Mac and helps service centres make a pre-reactive diagnosis,” explained HP co-founder Gianni Zucco. “It can be used to operate the watermaker, to check the status and configuration, change the parameters, open and close valves and increase and decrease RPM.”

Remote control

“BiBi also tells the technicians when the machine was last started and stopped and how much water was produced.

“It’s the first watermaker with remote control.”

The company’s automatic watermakers range from a 35-litres an hour model to one that can produce 350 tonnes a day and are designed to cut the salinity of the water to ‘almost zero’.

Spring water

Filters take the particles down to five micron and a sensor checks the quality of the water before it enters the tanks.

“Extremely high-quality water is produced that doesn’t leave any stains, the same as spring water,” said Gianni. “It’s a fully automatic system that’s baby proof. It doesn’t need manual flushing, it’s all carried out automatically. There’s an on and off button to start and stop.”

He added: “There’s no checking of pressure, no valves to open, nothing complicated about the system. It’s idiot proof.”

HP's water makers are fully automatic
HP's water makers are fully automatic

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