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In a bid to help boat owners with their maintenance tasks during the laying-up period, coatings company Owatrol has added six new products to its Marine Care range.

And earlier this year, Owatrol’s marine strip, deck cleaner and deep cleaner products all passed OCDE 301F testing, confirming they contain no bleach or solvents.

“We’re excited about these new additions, they complement our existing portfolio which includes our highly-popular Marine Polytrol – a colour restorer that protects gelcoats and restores the colour on all substrates, including paint, wood and basically anything with pigments,” said Gary Coniam, Owatrol MD.


The new products are PID 60 Marine, an anti-rust primer made from alkyd resins and anti-corrosive pigments that primes and protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals, gelcoat, galvanised and other surfaces.

For decking Owagrip provides a non-slip finish. The product has a polyurethane resin designed to protect surfaces against everyday use.

Owasail cleaner removes rust, mould, algae stains and limescale from sails, fabrics, gelcoats and other surfaces and Owanett is an engine and bilge degreaser, dissolving and removing grease, mineral oils and fats from dirt-encrusted motors. It also removes hydrocarbons that cannot otherwise be collected.


Owataud cleans and degreases furnishings, removing dirt, grease, marks and stains caused by pollution and exhaust fumes and can be used on sails, awnings, fabric covers, biminis and artificial leather and vinyl seating.

The final addition, Oxid Vernis, is a high UV-resistant clear varnish for use on new or pre-treated oxidised metals.

Owatrol's new products complement its Marine Polytrol colour restorer
Owatrol's new products complement its Marine Polytrol colour restorer

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