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“The new ‘universal’ deck winch is just that,” Ryan Langley of UK-based Hercules Hydraulics told 'MJ'.

It achieves this by taking a pair of standardised aluminium end plates around 600m high and the same across, but modelling the rest to requirements: lengthening the drum gives you as much or as little rope capacity as is needed. The motor too can be switched to match the available hydraulic pressure, “the specification will change for a limited flow”, he added.

So while this design can be tailored for a 2.5t pull, “we have also built a 250kg winch for a landing platform on a ferry from the same base”, said Langley.

More, it can be customised further with reduction gears, widening its appeal. Langley believes that given this level of flexibility “this winch will cater for 90% of all onboard applications... it can be used for just about anything you want”.

Interestingly, while there is the option to build it out of marinised steel, the aluminium frame makes it especially useful where weight is an issue. Recently the winch has been successfully paired with an alloy launch and recovery A-frame, used for deploying and retrieving ROVS. As Langley pointed out “you get a bigger drum for the same weight – so you can increase capacity”.

The new universal deck winch expands Hercules range of hydraulic kit, which already features heavy-duty, but lightweight anchor units as well as landing, mooring, fishing and tugger winches, all of which are designed and manufactured by Hercules Hydraulics at its facilities in Devon.

Hercules Hydraulics’ Universal deck winch can be tailored to match the application.

Hercules Hydraulics’ Universal deck winch can be tailored to match the application.

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