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The new Dometic SinePower DSP-T inverters feature intelligent integrated mains priority circuit with voltage synchronisation, providing a smooth switch-over from battery power to mains power when available.

The inverters also have a new smart standby mode, activated when no or little energy is consumed, reducing the energy consumption to 0.2amps.

A battery protection mode ensures the inverter turns off after a set time in standby mode to protect the battery.


“The standby mode with the DSP series can reduce energy consumption to a far lower value than most conventional inverters,” explained Paul Hickinbotham, product director marine EMEA, Dometic.

“They save energy and are very reliable in extreme conditions, cutting off automatically in case of overload, overheating, over or under voltage. They are also quiet, because the integrated fan smoothly adjusts to the load and temperature conditions.”

Dometic’s new generation of DC charging converters for optimal battery charging is the PerfectPower DCC series. Featuring advanced IUOU-charging technology, the eight-model range adapts to all common types of batteries and also supplies DC appliances.

Domestic's SinePower DSP-T inverters provide a smooth switch-over

Domestic's SinePower DSP-T inverters provide a smooth switch-over