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ACR Electronics has expanded its portfolio with two new products – a Class A and a Class B AIS transponder.

The AISLink CA2 is developed to meet the requirements of global AIS mandates whilst the AISLink CB2 is designed for use on yachts, sail and powerboats, fishing and light commercial vessels.

“AIS technology offers tremendous safety benefits for boat owners that can be life-saving in the event of avoiding a collision or retrieving a man overboard,” explained Mikele D’Arcangelo, ACR’s vice president of global marketing and product management.

“It is important that more vessels along our coasts are equipped with AIS, facilitating faster communication, improving navigational planning and marine domain awareness, and enhancing vessel safety."

AIS messages

Both devices automatically calculate and transmit data such as location, speed over ground and course over ground using the 99-channel GPS receiver. Static and voyage-related data is programmed via a menu interface whilst the Class B transponder also allows for upload over Wi-Fi.

The CB2 receives and interprets AIS messages from other AIS-equipped vessels within range, which can then be relayed to other navigation devices using the NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, USB or Wi-Fi outputs.

Using the Self Organised Time Division Multiple Access scheme, the CB2 sends a transmission every five seconds instead of the two sent by Carrier Sense TDMA. It also has a 5W output power compared to the standard 2W.

The CA2 has a seven inch LCD display and integrated Wi-Fi and USB interfaces for PC and tablet connection, a range of configurable orientation options and an alarm.

The Class A device is supplied with GPS antenna and pilot plug and is suitable for either flush panel or free-standing mounting.

ACR Electronic's new Class B AIS transponder Photo: ACR Electronics

ACR Electronic's new Class B AIS transponder Photo: ACR Electronics