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UK battery company, DBS Leoch, has announced the next generation Insight Series of lithium batteries for deep cycle applications in a range of industrial sectors.

The new Insight Series is manufactured by RELiON and is the first scalable LiFePO4 drop-in replacement battery to come in industry-standard sizes, with no extra hardware needed when connected in parallel.

Henry James, managing director of DBS Leoch, said the company was delighted to distribute RELiON’s new series. “It’s a real game-changing technology for lithium battery customers, powering deep cycle applications with maximum battery performance and capacity, and no risk of over-heating.”

No need for external systems or hardware

The batteries incorporate a SuperSmart management system to maximise performance, even when connected in parallel, eliminating the need for an external master management systems, or any additional hardware.

The Insight Series also features intelligent cooling, using a passive heat management system to remove heat from inside the battery during conditions of high discharge and recharge currents. This prevents over-heating of critical components and also extends the life of the battery.

The Insight Series batteries come in GC2 size 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V configurations, and up to 128 batteries can be used in parallel. Each battery delivers 1.536kW of energy and comes equipped with safe LiFePO4 chemistry.

DBS Leoch will distribute RELiON's new Insight Series Photo: DBS Leoch

DBS Leoch will distribute RELiON's new Insight Series Photo: DBS Leoch