Mastercraft's continued quest to revolutionize water skiing

When the Mastercraft design team went to the drawing board for the 2014 Mastercraft ProStar, they started from scratch, They intended to revolutionize the traditional ski boat and reinvent the wake. While their continued recordbreaking may imply success, they have, in any case, designed a boat that will thrill both drivers and skiiers.The new ProStar offers a modular bow that can be closed for maximum performance with the simple placement of a fiberglass bow lid. Removing the bow lid and adding bow seats leaves ample room for guests. Removable rear seats are another appreciable modular element.

A second big innovation is the addition of a floor mounted ski rack that functions with the simple step of a foot – a non-negligable detail for skiiers. Additionally, with its 6.1 meter length and 2.4 meter width, Mastercraft managed to create a new ProStar that is slightly larger, yet lighter, than its predecessor.

Finally, great attention was paid to the driver convenience. A new seat brings added comfort with its adjustable backrest and ergonomic design. An easy-to-use touchscreen with a Zero Off system allows for incredible accuracy and consistency, a detail which any water skiier can appreciate.

2014 MasterCraft ProStar

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