2015 Picnic

RAND Boats ApS

RAND Boats has created a unique Picnic boat that is true to the company vision of offering innovative, user-friendly and easy to maintain motorboats built and driven with minimum environmental impact.

Positioned by the center steering console, the RAND Picnic captain oversees a luxurious,

yet simplistically designed modern motorboat, equipped all things necessary for the full-fledged maritime experience, yet under circumstances respectful to the environment.


Model: RAND Picnic

CE Category: C

Maximum load: 900 kg

Maximum crew: 10 persons

Maximum power: 25 horse power

Hull width: 205 cm

Hull length: 500 cm

Draft: 15 cm

Weight: 280 kg

Engine & battery: Engine size and battery capacity is adjusted to your personal needs

2015 Picnic

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