Stainless Steel Handle Series ES

Rohde AG

High-grade stainless steel handles for universal use, fit together for any bore clearances. Particularly suitable also for the food industry.

Material and surface:

Handle shank made of precsion casting G-X7 CrNiMoNb 18 10; material no. G 4581. Connecting tubes and fixing material made of X5 CrNi 18 9; material no. 1.4301. Clamping and packing ring of silicon rub- ber in food quality.

Connection tubes finish ground and brushed. Handle shanks glass blasted and electropolished with a half-matt finish.

Long term temperature resistance from -60 °C to +200 °C.

Design advantages:

Splash proof tube-shank connection. Additional tube clamping through allen set screw.

Can be screwed on from front or behind. Easy to clean.

Standard screwing:

For screw attachment from in front or behind. Handle shanks including hexagon screws M8 x 25 DIN 933, nuts DIN 934 and washers DIN 125. Furthermore hexagon socket screws M6 x 6 DIN 913 for tube fixation just as clamping and packing rings.

Safety screwing:

For entrance doors, screw attachment from behind. Scope of supply same as standard version, however with cup square bolts M8 x 25 DIN 603.


Other materials or other dimensions on request.

Stress resistance:

min. 1000 N.

Stainless Steel Handle Series ES

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