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RINGSPANN rounds off its industrial brake portfolio with new product series

Thanks to these two new product lines, RINGSPANN is able to complete its range of industrial brakes, which now encompasses all technically relevant construction types and operating principles. It involves a series of electrohydraulic disc brakes for braking torques of up to 30,000 Nm and a range of modern drum brakes with maximum braking torques of 10,000 Nm. According to the respective area of application, application case and installation situation, these brake types are suitable for realising stop, delay and holding systems in conveyor and crane systems, lifting and handling systems, as well as mining, construction and land machines. They are also used in marine technology, recycling technology and metallurgy.

Moreover, these two new product lines open up additional areas of application for industrial brakes to RINGSPANN. While the electrohydraulic disc brakes DS present an intriguing solution for use in material handling systems (e.g. container cranes), the electrohydraulic drum brakes DT-NC and DT-ST have particularly proven themselves to be a trump card in those instances when brake performance is required between motors and gearboxes – for example in bulk goods conveyor systems. The drum brakes can additionally be tailored to their specific application thanks to a whole range of options – such as automatic adjustment in case of friction block wear, an adjustable brake spring, a heat-resistant brake thruster or extra-wide shoes and drums – to name just a few examples. Visitors who visit the RINGSPANN booth at Hannover Messe (Hall 25, D13) will also receive more information on this topic.

In summary, by rounding off its range of industrial brakes, RINGSPANN has come one step closer to achieving its objective of establishing a one-stop shop for industrial drive technology. The company management has made it known that further product expansions in this regard will be undertaken in other business segments in the coming months– among others in the freewheels, couplings and shaft-hub-connections segments.

Drum brakes with maximum braking torques of 10,000 Nm
Drum brakes with maximum braking torques of 10,000 Nm

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