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Scottish Dive Support Vessel

Solarglide Limited
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Blackout Blinds for Ships

The vessel recently built by a North East shipyard, for a specialist offshore company in Aberdeen, and is the third vessel in its fleet. Operating in the North Sea day and night, and up to 60 miles from a safe haven, it is designed to cope with some of the roughest sea conditions.

SG Lunaglider blackout screens were chosen as a solution to provide complete interior darkness, needed for divers during their dive support operations.

When the divers are required to carry special periodic surveys (SPS), inspect inshore harbour survey work or subsea structures, the vessel is positioned in the correct area, and the blackout blinds are pulled down on every window. This allows the divers to fully acclimatise to the darkness before and after a dive, reducing the risk of damage to their eyesight. It also allows the onboard team to clearly monitor the safety of the divers below, using the onboard computers.

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Scottish Dive Support Vessel

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