The Quadrimaran by Tera-4 Welcome to the new age


The inventors of 4-hulled Quadrimarans® boats, the Tera-4, the performance of the revolutionary system proved.

Prime Time Line

Since the arrival of the T-9 Prime, the first of the new generation of « aeroboats », an enormous amount of interest has been shown in Tera-4, this French naval architectural company. Inquiries have come in from all quarters, backgrounds and from many countries. Indeed, the first glimpses of the vessel that appeared during 2015 attracted considerable interest. The performance of the Prime in difficult weather conditions during the month of November were particularly scrutinized by this audience, which led to the shooting of the film with the objective of demonstrating this new and exciting technology.

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Story (On)board

Here is a description of parts of this demonstration arranged into key moments from the video.

Between 20 % and 40 % lower fuel consumption. 00:31

Whilst invisible on the video, energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects of this boat. The Quadrimaran’s very low fuel consumption can lead to 40% fuel economy when compared to a monohull of the same size and engine. This is achieved by reduced water friction with the hull.

Control, stability & comfort. 00:36

Due to « ground effect », the Tera-4 boat is able to ride the water using the 4 segments of its hull. Thus, it advances while remaining constantly flat without any rolling or pitching. When a big wave lifts the vessel into the air, it will stealthily glide whilst always remaining in a flat position and will eventually make a soft splash-down upon the water. The crew will not notice this and will carry on as if nothing has happened

Crash-stop. 00:52

Another advantage of Quadrimarans®, is that an emergency stop can be made at sea and at full throttle. Once the engine has cut out, the stopping distance is 70 meters in 5 seconds.

Planning & control. 01:08

It is this feature that makes the Quadrimaran® an outstanding revolutionary concept: it literally hovers over the water right from the start. It is by attaining the necessary speed and due to both the naturally generated hydrodynamic and aerodynamic lift that the cruising experience between the sea and water can begin. The 4 hulls and three air tunnels create the right conditions by using ground effect which is necessary in order to lift the boat above the water with no resistance whatsoever. Levitating above its hollows, the Tera-4 rides the crest of the waves with optimal stability. (see also sequence 2:06)

Top speed. 01:58

The T-9 Prime can reach a top speed of 55 knots (more than 100 km/h) through the optimization of its engine power (so 2 x 600 hp) whilst the pilot is able to keep complete control.

Beaching 02:22

Water ejection is kept to a minimum* (30 cm by waterjet and 50cm with the outboard motor), which enables Tera vessels to navigate in shallow waters close to the shoreline without damaging the seabed. Quadrimarans are particularly good at « Beaching »; safely landing on the beach.

Waveless Effect 03:09

As the boat glides over water, the Quadrimaran® generates virtually no lateral water and with only single draft from the stern then this means that the boat is not only very discreet but is also very well adapted to rivers, lakes and conservation areas.

Rapid turnaround & very tight turning circle 03:21 and 03:34

Quadrimaran® technology means that tight turns can be achieved without a sliding effect. As the Quadrimaran® is very agile then it performs superbly and is capable of changing direction in an instant remaining flat within a tight turning radius.

A large deck area 03:28

With this design the T-9 Prime offers a total deck area of 35 m2 and a dedicated passenger area of 20 m2 in which 10 m2 is for cargo.

03:43 A further feature studied in the design of the boat is the height of the bridge which has been adapted to the vast majority of quays and pontoons making it easier to embark, disembark and for the loading of cargo.


In effect, the 4 independent hulls ensure that the boat stays afloat as well as keeping the crew safe. If one of them fails which leads to it filling up with water, the boat will not sink.

In conclusion, the Quadrimaran® brings together all the benefits and performance levels that make this technology work, a revolution in the area of naval architecture. It finds its place in most areas of operation:

Working boats: passengers, fire-service, cargo, pilot boat, police, customs, commandos, coastguard...

Pleasure boat: diving, coastal treks, surfing trips, fishing...

Yachting: Yacht, tender...

Dimensions: In figures

Length: 9.27 m

Width: 4.14 m

Weight (with motors): 2 650 kg

Water ejection: 50 cm (outboard motors)

30 cm (water-jet)

Maximum weight: 3.9 tons

Top speed : 55 knots

Max onboard passengers: 15 (approved for up 35 people!)

Total deck area: 35 m²

Passenger space: 20 m²

Cargo area : 13 m²

Consumption: Fuel economy saving of 20 % to 40 % in comparison to monohulls of the same size and same engine type.

The Quadrimaran by Tera-4 Welcome to the new age