15.11.2016 - ThermHex expands product portfolio

Jochen Pflug

ThermHex expands product portfolio

Since mid-November, ThermHex offers its customers not only prolypropylene honeycomb cores of the well-known strengths of 3.5 mm and 8 - 28 mm, but they are also available in 5 mm and 6 mm thickness. This provides the user with further options and optimization potentials.

Only the continuous production process enables the innovator from Saxony-Anhalt to achieve efficient production, even in the lower thicknesses range. In contrast to traditional manufacturers of thermoplastic honeycomb cores in discontinuous production processes, ThermHex can significantly reduce waste and effort.

The new strengths are, for example, an alternative to resin-impregnated nonwoven core mats

15.11.2016 - ThermHex expands product portfolio

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