Mooring is easy and safe now, SnubberTWO

Olari Vokk

TSCompany is launching the SnubberTwo on Kickstarter on July 21st, 2016!

You have the chance to now preorder your own SnubberTwo for 50% MSRP, simultaneously making SnubberTwo a reality. Follow us on the links below to make sure you join the movement to protect your boat already in 2016!

TSCompany Limited, is the new European manufacturer and distributor of innovative marine accessories. With a focus on novelty, safety and ease of use, TSC's first product has been the SnubberOne. Launched in 2013, the SnubberOne has gained both praise and market share in Europe and the Americas providing boats up to 12 tons with a safe way to moor their boat.

The Snubber is a wholly new mooring snubber designed in Scandinavia, that can be attached to virtually any rope in seconds. It does not require a rope with loose ends, meaning that it can be attached after having moored the boat to the dock. Attaching after mooring ensure safety upon docking as well as the correct positioning of the mooring snubber at all times. Due to being made of polyurethane and best-in-class rope, The Snubber can be produced in virtually any color and does not leave streak marks on your boat deck or canopy. Virtually indestructible and with its ability to be attached to any boat ropes from flat lines to 22mm, this may very well be the last mooring snubber you will need to purchase.

Due to the success of SnubberOne and customer demand in the smaller boating section, TSCompany is now launching a new version, the SnubberTwo. The SnubberTwo has all the benefits of SnubberOne, but has been enhanced in terms of materials used, with new production facilities in Europe and is smaller in size. The smaller size provides even easier handling, lighter weight and more versatility.

Mooring is easy and safe now, SnubberTWO
Mooring is easy and safe now, SnubberTWO

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