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34 Special Operations RHIBs for UAE

Johannes Palm

These boats are equipped for VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure) and combat diver operations.


The factory is being expanded and more staff will be recruited for production and specialised tasks.

Boomeranger Boats Oy has confirmed the biggest Special Operations Boat deal of the industry’s history with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Defence Forces and a significant RHIB systems delivery to the Indian Navy.

Boomeranger will deliver a fleet of 34 units of Special Operations RHIBs to the United Arab Emirates over the next two years. These boats are equipped for VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure) and combat diver operations. To support these roles, each boat will have latest tactical equipment including thermal imaging cameras, armour plating and helicopter transport systems.

The agreement made with the Indian Navy includes the delivery of a comprehensive support system along with the boats. For the company, this project is an opportunity to highlight its strong know-how in tailoring products for demanding conditions and meeting the needs of diverse customers. More information will be supplied regarding the specifics of the Indian project as it progresses.

The UAE deal would not have been made without the company’s new and visionary Abu Dhabi owner, who is ready to invest in the development of the company and understands the long-term perspective of a relationship with authorities. The new owner has invested significantly in the Loviisa factory, enabling the purchase of new design tools and development of company infrastructure.

”We have been working on these deals for six years. The contracts raise our profile to a whole new level, placing us into our own category. As a note, these are the best kinds of contracts a manufacturer can have, and it is a compliment that both the Indian and United Arab Emirates’ authorities trust the Finnish know-how,” says Managing Director Miika Tammi.

34 Special Operations RHIBs for UAE

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