Parking boat : always a berth

Vira Soluzioni

New innovative and smart product for easy moorings of boats in harbours.

Parking boat has a structure made of inflatable fenders in rubberized fabric high resistance, each fender has 1 air-chamber, with cover in fabric for further protection.

It can inflate in a few minutes with electric or manual air blowers. When it deflated, it takes up minimal amount of space.

In case of puncture, parking boat maintains its structure floating because each fender has its independent air chamber.

Parking Boat has a U shape, suitable only for one boat. It is equipped of rings for mooring on dock. The structure has others rings in the extremities for a better docking.

Parking Boat has a T shape, modular element placed between two boats, and it is suitable for different size of boat, its width doesn't have a fixed dimension.

Accessories: roofing structure with aluminum poles or inflatable tubulars

parking boat
parking boat

An innovative inflatable product called Parking Boat that provides an instant berth in harbours has recently been introduced by Vira Soluzioni srl. Made from fenders in rubberised fabric with high impact resistance, the product can be inflated in just a few minutes using electrically or manually operated bellows. Each fender has a single air chamber, which is covered in rubberized fabric neoprene (high resistance) for further protection. When deflated, it can be stored in a small amount of space. If a fender is punctured, the berth structure remains a float because the air chamber is each one is independently inflated. Parking Boat has a U shape and is only suitable for berthing one craft. It is equipped with rings for mooring alongside a dock. Accessories include a roofing canopy supported by either aluminum poles or inflatable tubes.

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