VH Floating Vertical Booms Economic (pvc-foam)

Vira Soluzioni

VH Containment Boom is used for beach and shore protection. It is made of vertical elements floats, made of polyethylene foam in closed cells convered in PVC fabric Stainless steel plates and end -terminals

The dimension is customizable from 50 to 200 cm of height the freeboard is a third of total height. We can customize the barrier in base of client's requirements

Size standard:60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm

Colours:white, blue, red, grey, green, yellow (other shades available on request)

VH contaiment boom is much ligher than other booms, easy to use and manage from people who aren't experts of this sector, really economic.

VH Floating Vertical  Booms Economic  (pvc-foam)

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