Watertight Rucksack

Vira Soluzioni

Protect your objects in everywhere

Our internal team has created a brand-new and usefull product, an innovative concept of watertight rucksack for water and air.

The rucksack can be inflated with air for the buoyancy and protection from from hits and crashs, or it can be totally empty of air for protection from oxidation of salt.

Usefull for the conservation and transport of electronic devices, metallic or precious objets.

Thanks to its inflatable function, it let you float in the water and reach the coasts in a easy way with your laptop, tablet , camera etc.

The watertight rucksack is made of rubberized fabric of neoprene and hypalon, high resistance to rays UV, sewage and corrosive agents.

Three standard size: S M L small medium and large

Customizable on demand

Watertight Rucksack

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