Folding-mobile Yacht Spray Booth

Massimo Vita
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Paint Booth Unit AUA is a combination between a yachtgarage’s air treatment system, a yachtgarage’s shelter and a yachtgarage’s water treatment plant. All the system is on wheels and folding. The flow power of the system is available in a range between 17.000 and 100.000 m³/h depending on the size of the shelter while the water treatment plant has a flow rate of 500 liters per hour.

The unit is 15x6x6m equipped with an integrated control panel with error indicator, emergency button and hour meters. The air filtration is achieved via a triple layer FIBERGLASS DUST FILTER made in fiberglass non – woven fabric able to capture dust particles with very small dimension ( up to 2 µm) and able to collect from 1.800 to 3.000 g/m² and via one GRANULAR ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER BED : made in 100% grain of coconut shell activated carbon able to adsorb up to 90% of solvents. The unit comes with different flanges, connections and chimneys and fire retardant PVC pipes enabling the assembling of the unit in different configurations. The main unit is mobile as it is equipped with wheels made in heavy duty material with orbital movement. Power is 220V.50 Hz ( option 110V available).

folding yacht spray booth
folding yacht spray booth

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