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AIRMAR’s Gen2 Paddlewheel raises the bar to deliver best-in-class speed reporting.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILFORD, NH. (July 14, 2022) – AIRMAR® Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic transducers and Chirp technology, is pleased to introduce their new Gen2 paddlewheel, a next-generation paddlewheel designed to deliver industry-leading speed-through-water boat performance data for start-up responsiveness and linearity throughout the speed range.

The ultra-responsive Gen2 paddlewheel maintains the top-speed performance Airmar’s marine transducers are known for, plus adds a superior level of start-up speed capability that makes it the most sensitive and accurate paddlewheel available today for sailing and power boats.

“The Gen2’s best-in-class speed reporting is delivered as low as 0.3 knots, becoming linear at 0.6 knots,” explains Jennifer Matsis, VP Sales and Marketing at Airmar. “As the boat accelerates, speed-thru-water readings stay accurate, smooth and steady up through 45 knots.”

By sensing speed starting as low as 0.3 knots and becoming linear at 0.6 knots, the Gen2 paddlewheel outperforms all conventional paddlewheels, which typically need higher speeds to begin reporting data. Receiving smoother and more consistent speed data earlier enables smarter and faster decisions on the water during the most crucial times, especially for competitive sailors.

As an added feature, the Gen2 paddlewheel includes updated firmware that produces improved 5.7 Hz speed resolution, eliminating low speed jitter and delivering a smooth speed output to networks and displays.

The Gen2 paddlewheel is now being included with Airmar’s most popular depth/speed-through-water/temperature sensor, the DST810 Smart™ Multisensor. Upgrading to the Gen2 paddlewheel adds industry-leading low-speed performance to the DST810’s already robust resume of groundbreaking features, and since the housing of the DST810 remains unchanged with the inclusion of the Gen2, it will easily retrofit into existing Airmar 2” housings for a quick and trouble-free transducer upgrade.

Dealers can order the DST810 Smart™ Multisensor with Gen2 paddlewheel, or any Airmar high-performance marine transducer, by contacting Gemeco Marine Accessories or Airmar EMEA.


AIRMAR® Technology Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance sensors for marine and industrial applications. We manufacture advanced ultrasonic transducers, electromagnetic flow sensors, WeatherStation® instruments, and sensor monitoring systems used for a wide variety of applications. Recreational marine, commercial fishing, meteorology, ocean survey, process control, and proximity sensing are just some of our markets. Established in 1982, AIRMAR's headquarters are located in Milford, New Hampshire with 11 sales and tech support offices in 7 countries. Visit the Company's website at

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