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Alfastreet Marine year review

The year 2021 was extremely successful for Alfastreet Marine, as the company increased production by more than 30%, and at the same time, they are satisfied with the sales for this year because the production is practically full until the end of this year.

The new line of models, designed together with the Teruzzi Design studio from Italy, was very well received also in the markets outside Europe. New distribution contracts have been signed with the most renowned nautical distributors that understand the quality of workmanship, and see the unique technical solutions that the models offer.

The development of new models is going on and the company is planning the presentation of a new 8 m model and also the presentation of the concept of a new mini yacht, 36 Cabin. Customers will have a choice to choose between different models from 6 m up to 11 m length.

The design of Alfastreet Marine models is unique, recognizable, and includes an exceptional range of equipment and technical details that cannot be found on other vessels on the market. The most recognizable and wanted accessory is definitely their hydraulic roof, which in addition to practicality offers extensive shading of the cockpit. It is a unique solution on the market, appreciated by most of the customers. This year, they also added to their offer a completely new elegant T-Top hardtop, which is fixed and gives the boats a slightly sportier, but still very elegant look. The T-top allows the installation of additional tents, where the entire cockpit and sunbed are shaded. The solution of the reclining cushion on the stern of the 23 and 25 Cabin models is also exceptional and practical, offering a total length of 170 cm and a comfortable space for two persons.

Due to the cancellation of nautical fairs, the company invites everyone interested to visit the production and their models, and at the end of spring, they are also planning test drives in one of the Slovenian marinas.


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